Selling on the streets of Kathmandu

In the streets of Kathmandu Nepal

In the streets of Kathmandu Nepal

No matter where you go in Kathmandu you are faced with people selling things everywhere. Of course there are your traditional shops and arcades not unlike those we know here in Australia – only that most of them are much smaller in Kathmandu. It is on the streets and footpaths, however, that so sets Kathmandu apart from the shopping areas of Australia.

There are street stalls everywhere, and if vendors cannot afford a street stall, they become moving vendors, like the several dozen children I encountered on one of my walks. They were ALL selling socks. Then there must have been twenty or more elderly men trying to sell me Tiger Balm. Others were plying me with small musical instruments, postcards, jewellery and their services as trekking guides. And one gentleman offered me a massage, the details of which I didn’t ask any further!

Some vendors are imaginative in displaying their wares. Like the man displaying the floor rugs in the photo above. It was an eyecatching display and added much colour to this rather drab part of the city. A few steps further along another seller had a collection of some 20 or so paintings for sale. A few steps further and one could buy lunch or stock up on fruit or vegetables for the evening meal.


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