Shopping in Patan, Kathmandu

Thursday 19th January 2006.

Shopping in Patan.

My main purpose in revisiting this part of Patan again was in response to an email from Corinne. Rose and I had visited the Dhukuti craft outlet last week before I went to Chitwan. This time I went a little overboard with my purchases. Well, not really. Corinne had by this time seen what Rose had brought home and asked me to get some more, so I bought another 18 pieces of batik featuring scenes around Nepal. I also bought a woollen beanie for her. I didn’t feel too bad about my purchases, seeing they were all on sale this week. Some items were 50% off.

 Great views of the Himalayas

On the way down the hill I had some great views of the surrounding snow capped mountains. Today it was about 25C and the air was the clearest it has been since I’ve been here. There was quite a nice breeze as well, so that probably accounted for the clear air; all the pollution had been blown away. Ironically, I probably could have flown easily to Bhairawa and the driven on to Tansen. (Postscript: the political events of the next few days may have prevented my return to Kathmandu, so in retrospect, I made the right decision.)

 Pleasant evening

After dinner in the hotel restaurant this evening I sat for about an hour in front of the open fire in the lounge next to the bar. I have taken to one of their special non-alcoholic drinks served here. It is called a Mango Dango and consists of mango juice mixed with other fruit juices. This was one of the few occasions while away that I was not able to initiate a conversation with anyone. Instead I enjoyed the lovely fire, the pleasant atmosphere, the delicious drink and the inestimable pleasure of my own thoughts.



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