Snapshots of Life in Nepal

Monday 9th January 2006.

Trek Day 7 Namche to Phakding

Because there was quite a deal of level or easier going today, I was able to take in more of the atmosphere and culture of the area. The hardship of living in such a climate is astounding. How do they cope with the cold, with thin walls, no insulation and poor heating? The temperatures would rarely go above 8 – 12 degrees. Everything is done by hand; there are few tools in this area and those they do have are basic hand operated with no power tools. I did hear a power saw and saw an angle grinder in Namche, but then the people there are better off financially. The power supply is also more reliable.

Washing Clothes

Washing clothes is a major issue here. Things take so long to dry in the thin atmosphere. They seem to have few clothes lines. The only one I have seen on the trek was at the back of the lodge in Monjo. They just hang things over the numerous stone fences or drape them on the roof of their house. This afternoon I saw a four year old throw a dozen or so socks up on the roof. He then scampered up on the roof on a four inch wide plank to spread out the socks on the roof.

Life in your face

Numerous times I have seen people washing themselves, especially their hair, right outside their front door. Now this also happens to be the main “street” through the village. There is no privacy for many people. Their front door opens straight on to the path used by by hundreds of porters and trekkers daily. Rarely is the street more than three metres wide. While walking along I often felt that I was intruding on their private lives. Life is in your face wherever you go.


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