St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk

St Kilda Mangrove walk

St Kilda Mangrove walk

Yesterday I wrote about the visit we made to the St Kilda playground and picnic area north of Adelaide. After lunch in the picnic area we drove the short distance to the start of the Mangrove Boardwalk.

This has been open now for almost 20 years but this was our first visit. It will not be our last visit. Over the years we had heard many positive comments about this special walk. It certainly lived up to our expectations.

Mangrove boardwalk St Kilda

Mangrove boardwalk St Kilda

The walk is completely wheel-chair friendly, something that is not too common at tourist attractions in Australia, though this is improving. While no-one in our family has any need of a wheelchair, I am always conscious of my wife’s needs for a clear path. She has problems with her feet and needs a good clear path to follow if she is to fully enjoy the walks we attempt.

The relatively new Interpretive Centre at the start of the boardwalk is well set out, informative and easy to read and includes hands on interactive activities which children would enjoy.

Along the path and boardwalk there are plenty of interpretive signs to help visitors understand the vital part this mangrove forest plays in maintaining our marine environment. What surprised me was the fact that dolphins often visit this area. The birdlife was also very interesting, especially on the adjacent tidal flats of Barker Inlet. For more on the birdlife of this area go to my birding blog.
The photo below shows some of the birds seen.

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