Street Food Vendors in Kathmandu

Food vendor in the streets of Kathmandu

Food vendor in the streets of Kathmandu

One of the things that amazed me about both Bangkok and Kathmandu was the huge numbers of street vendors selling food. In fact, one of the guides on a bus trip I took in Thailand said that he and his wife rarely cooked their food – they most often bought their meals from the street vendors. His apartment was too small to have a kitchen anyway. While I didn’t ask anyone in Kathmandu about this aspect of life, I daresay it would be true of many parts of the capital city of Nepal too.

In fact, it may well be true of many larger cities of the world, especially in the inner and more populated parts of cities. I just haven’t travelled enough to make judgments on this sort of thing. In rural Australia where I live to eat out is the exception, not the rule. Most people here cook their own food and eat at home. To go out for a meal is a special treat, though that concept is changing in our larger cities.

The food vendor in the photo above was unusual in what he was selling. He had pop corn for sale. His bicycle was converted to make it a mobile kitchen complete with a gas bottle and gas ring.


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