Sydney Harbour Bridge and photography

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Our holiday in New South Wales

September 2007

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that the Sydney Harbour Bridge is probably one of the most photographed features of Australia. It may even be the most popular photographic subject of both local and foreign visitors to Sydney. It is certain that it is instantly recognisable as one of our most popular landmarks.

On our recent visit to Sydney we had a beautiful day exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens and nearby parks. Late in the afternoon however, the weather changed the lighting conditions. Light cloud came in and the light became diffused and more subdued. This made an interesting challenge for photographers that afternoon, myself included. Because we get to Sydney so infrequently – this was only our third visit in eight years – I wanted to capture some images of the old “coathanger”, a term of endearment given to the bridge by many Aussies.

I was also on the wrong side of the bridge in the late afternoon. Shooting into the sun presents many challenges – and can bring interesting results. Although on the dull side I am still quite pleased with the above shot. It could perhaps have been improved by including a little more of the Opera House. I think, however, that it captures the mood of the harbour that afternoon.


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