Sydney Mono Rail

Mono Rail, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Mono Rail, Darling Harbour, Sydney

A few years ago while on a holiday in Sydney my wife and I took a ride on the mono rail. We didn’t go on it on our most recent trip to Sydney. Instead we walked under it so I was able to get several good shots of this transport system.

The Sydney Mono Rail takes passengers through some of the CBD and links with several railway stations on the subway system. It also links with both trains and light rail trams at Central Station.

This is an excellent way of seeing some of the highlights of the city, with stops at some of the main features of interest, such as Darling Harbour where I took these photos.

Mono rail, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Mono rail, Darling Harbour, Sydney


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  1. tey says:

    very nice and i really want to go Sydney, please come true

  2. khuram says:

    It looks very wonderful, sydney is my dream place , i wish to visit this place ,

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