Taking things for granted

Public water fountain in Sefrou, near Fes in Morocco

When one travels overseas, especially to developing countries like Ethiopia and Morocco, one starts to appreciate how well off we are living in places like Australia. The poignant scene shown in the photo above shows that not all people in Morocco have reticulated water in their homes.

This woman is at the public fountain in the street, filling a series of water containers to take home. We grumble if our water supply is cut off for pipeline repairs or maintenance, even if this is only for an hour or two. Imagine having to go a distance down the street to collect water on a daily basis.

In more rural areas we saw people riding their donkeys great distances in order to reach a reliable source of water.

We take far too many things for granted here in Australia.

Sefrou, near Fes in Morocco

Sefrou, near Fes in Morocco


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