Tengboche to Namche Bazar, Nepal

Sunday 8th January 2006.

Trek Day 6: Tengboche to Namche Bazar

Last night I went to bed very early at 8pm. I was feeling a little better than earlier. It was getting very cold so I put on my thermal underwear before snuggling into my sleeping bag. I was feeling very cosy and Ananta (our guide) came into my room a few minutes later to check up on me. He gave me some advice about what to do if I felt any discomfort during the night. He emphasised that I could wake him if I needed assistance at any time. He woke me again at about midnight to check on how I was going. I think that I had about six hours good sleep during the night, despite it being extremely cold. Unfortunately Rose did not sleep at all well. I guess I snored a bit. She also said later that she was listening to see if I was still breathing. I guess I worried her quite a deal.

Arise for the Sunrise

We were woken at 6:30am to witness the sunrise again. After that we walked over to the nearby Visitor Centre but there was no-one available to open it for us. The early morning air was very crisp, probably around minus 5 degrees I thought. Certainly colder than a frosty morning home in Murray Bridge (South Australia). A warm fire in the dining room at breakfast time was most attractive.

Group Photo

After breakfast we all lined up for a group photograph with Everest in the background. The chill factor in the wind made this an uncomfortable time. It seemed to take forever because there were so many cameras to get through.

Last night the Sherpas and porters had made a special banner celebrating our achievement. They hung it in the dining room for us to photograph.


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