The Bunyip, Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge has a few claims to fame. For example, the first bridge over the River Murray was opened in 1879. The local rowing eights team, the Cods, represented Australia in the 1924 Paris Olympics. There is one claim to fame, however, that usually goes unnoticed by many.

The only captive bunyip is on display at Sturt Reserve on the river bank near the CBD. It lives in a specially constructed watery cave near the playground. Little is known about the habits of this mythical creature, and until a few years ago it was not known whether we had a male of female. That debate was laid to rest when a baby mysteriously appeared.

Now I don’t have a photo of this amazing animal and its offspring. It is quite easy to get to see them but it does require a small sacrifice. On placing a coin in the appropriate slot one is treated to quite a performance. I’m not sure that taking a photo is the right thing to do – it might just take offence and grab the camera from my grasp. It’s not worth the risk.

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So the next time you visit Murray Bridge, pay a visit to the Bunyip and her little one – if you dare!


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  1. jessica bunyip says:

    this site is great! i’m totally the biggest fan of the bunyip! i was wondering if you could send me and my friends a FREE copy of the story?

    well let me know,
    love you bunyip

  2. Trevor says:

    Welcome Jessica. Sure – go ahead and copy the story and paste it into whatever programme you use for word processing. Don’t forget to include the URL back to this site.

  3. bree says:

    hi 😛 🙂 <3 yas

  4. BRIDIE says:

    ive created a facebook group for lovers of the bunyip, please join and share with your friends!! Heres the link:

    thanks, and may the force be with you 🙂

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