The statue of Curio at Marrabel

Life size statue of Curio at Marrabel, South Australia

I’m not into the world of rodeos and buck-jumpers, but I do admire the one-and-a-half life size statue of the famous Australian horse Curio shown in the photos on this post. This wonderful piece of art work stands at the northern end of the main street of the little town of Marrabel in the mid north of South Australia. We often pass by this statue on our way to visit our daughter in Clare.

Curio was evidently a buck jumping horse to be reckoned with, one that unseated every attempt at riding her for eight years. No rider could stay seated on the horse for more than 3 seconds until a famous day in 1953 when Alan Woods successfully rode her for ten seconds. He is also featured as part of the statue which is based on a photo taken during the famous ride.

The tiny town of Marrabel holds a well attended rodeo every October and has done so since 1935.

You can read more information on the sign shown below (click to enlarge) or on an article on the Marrabel Rodeo website.

Sign about the horse Curio at Marrabel, South Australia (click to enlarge)

Life size statue of Curio at Marrabel, South Australia

Life size statue of Curio at Marrabel, South Australia


2 Responses to “The statue of Curio at Marrabel”

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Just checked your Steam train pics. Are you into steam? I am member of the West of England Steam Engine Society, (W.E.S.E.S.). Concerned mostly with Traction Engines.

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Dave – thanks for visiting my site.

      I like seeing steam trains and travelling on them but I’m not a fanatic like some who travel all over the country to see them.

      The photos were taken at the main Central station in Sydney. We were visiting family and took the opportunity to go for a ride – mainly for our 3 year old grandson who is into trains big time – like many little boys.

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