To make Hay with the sun shining

Our trip through New South Wales

September 2007

On day two of our holiday in New South Wales we travelled from Balranald across the unbelievably flat Hay Plains. The road here is quite straight for long distances and very flat in all directions. The sun was shining brightly but the wind was bitterly cold.

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

Hay Plains, western New South Wales

At one point my wife asked me to stop so that she could photograph some of the plants and wildflowers on the side of the road. I took the opportunity to do a little birding. At first glance this area may seem to be birdless, but on closer inspection is is alive with many interesting birds. Twice we saw Emus, one of them with about a half dozen half grown chicks in tow. We also saw many raptors – birds of prey like eagles, hawks and kites.

Hay Plains, New South Wales

Hay Plains, New South Wales

This place may seem rather desolate and a lonely place miles from anywhere. In reality it is a very busy highway. We later stopped for a half hour at a roadside parking bay complete with public toilets. The provision of such stops along our major highways has improved long interstate travels over recent years. While we were stopped over fifty cars, trucks and motorbikes passed us. This is one of two major routes from Adelaide to Sydney and is shorter that the other route through Broken Hill.


2 Responses to “To make Hay with the sun shining”

  1. Dobbs says:

    Western NSW almost looks like the Nullarbor. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

  2. Trevor says:

    Yes Dobbs – they are quite similar now that you mention it. But both are fascinating from a flora and fauna point of view. We find such places amazingly full of life.

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