Travelling south from Canberra

Nodding Blue Lily  (Stypandra glauca)

Nodding Blue Lily (Stypandra glauca)

Our interstate holiday

September 2007

I’ve had a short break from writing on this blog over the New Year. I’ve not been well for most of that time. Over coming days and weeks I intend writing about the remainder of our interstate holiday in the eastern states of Australia. I will include many of the lovely photos taken at the time.

The day we left Canberra the weather turned cold. As we travelled south from our capital city the air temperature dropped rapidly. Although it was well into spring, we were travelling through the highest ranges in Australia. The area south of Canberra is often snow covered for a large part of the winter and into spring. The last time I visited this area was around New Year some thirty years ago. There was even a heavy snow fall at Christmas time that year.

Coopracambra National Park, Victoria

Coopracambra National Park, Victoria

This time we didn’t see any snow, but going by the cold wind it sure wasn’t far away. We had a long distance to travel the day we left Canberra. Although we would have loved to have spent far more time exploring this part of the country, we were running out of days. The route we took gave a quick overview of a large part of Victoria we had never visited before. We decided that we have to correct that anomaly in the near future. The southern coast of eastern Victoria is worth several months of exploration.

As we travelled on into Victoria we dropped in altitude right down to sea level. The wind was bitterly cold and scudding showers made lunch and cuppa breaks uncomfortable. This one day was the only really bad weather day we experienced for the whole trip, so I shouldn’t grumble.

Coopracambra National Park, Victoria

Coopracambra National Park, Victoria


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