Travels in Nepal #27: Trekking Lodges

Inside our lodge in Namche Bazar

Inside our lodge in Namche Bazar

We stayed in a number of different lodges on our trek towards Mt Everest. Every little village has at least one lodge. Many have several. I am not sure of the overall standard of accomodation in this area but those we stayed in were quite adequate.

The dining room, like the one shown in the photo above, is the social gathering point at each lodge. The trekkers gather here to eat, read, talk, relax and sing; each lodge seems to have at least one guitar. We also used the dining room to keep warm. As soon as the sun disappears behind a mountain the temperature drops many degrees in a matter of minutes. The fireplace in each lodge then becomes a popular meeting place.

The food was adequate without being glamorous. At the higher altitudes one just doesn’t feel like eating so having a fixed menu like we did, while seemingly unattractive, was sensible. I was acutely aware, despite my lack of appetite, of the need to keep eating to maintain energy levels. This was but one of the many challenges of trekking.

Maintaining adequate liquid intake was also important. This I generally had no trouble with, although I probably could have drunk more water during each day’s walk. At the end of each section of the trek a hot lemon drink was very refreshing.

The sleeping quarters were sparse and barely adequate. The walls were thin so I was aware of movement and talking in the rooms on either side. Evidently my snoring also penetrated the thin walls very well. The beds have mattresses but they were so thin as to be almost useless. Bruised hips are all the go as a result. I was pleased to have a very good sleeping bag. This is one area you cannot compromise on for without it sleep would be very difficult.


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