Travels in Nepal # 31 A low rumbling sound



After a great deal of puffing and many rests we were steadily approaching our goal for the day, Tengboche. At 3875 metres this was the highest point of our trek. It was quite daunting to think that Everest Base Camp was still another five day’s walk away. I struggled to get to this point. How I would have managed the further distance is beyond me.

Not far from our goal we were interrupted by a low rumbling sound up the valley opposite the track we were on. Our guide quickly pointed to the avalanche gathering speed and height. Cameras began working overtime as we recorded this spectacular aspect of mountain life. I hasten to add that we were in no danger at all where we stood high on the side of the valley opposite. Nevertheless, within minutes we were walking in falling snow billowing all around from the avalanche – and our shoes were stirring up dust! How bizarre.

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