Travels in Nepal # 33 Tengboche

Our lodge in Tengboche.

Our lodge in Tengboche.

On our arrival at Tengboche in the Everest region of Nepal, we all needed a well-earned rest. Our lodge was adequate without being top of the range. On reaching the ridge where our lodge was situated we came out on a sort of plateau, the location of the small village of Tengboche. On the climb we were largely sheltered from the wind. Once at the lodge we were fully exposed to the biting wind which soon saw us all diving for our warm jackets. There were a few tables and chairs in front of the lodge which were on the sheltered side of the building and thankfully in the sun.

During the night the wind increased markedly and it became bitterly cold. I was pleased to have a very warm sleeping bag. I half expected bad weather the following morning as the clouds had been working up during the previous evening. It dawned quite clear of cloud for which we were grateful but the wind was still bitter first thing. I was so pleased that the fire was still burning in the dining room at breakfast time.


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