Travels in Nepal # 35 Group photo

Group Photo at Tengboche

Group Photo at Tengboche

The wind howled all night when we were at Tengboche. I was snug in my sleeping bag and I was very pleased I was not out in that wind. I feared that bad weather was brewing as there had been some cloud coming our way the previous day.

We were up at dawn again to see the sunrise over Mt Everest. As the sun rose we were delighted to see a beautifully clear sky. The cold wind hadn’t disappeared though. It was bitingly cold. Even though we were all dressed with the warmest clothes we had, it was still bitter. Our leader insisted that we line up for a group photo.

Good idea – bad execution. Everyone had a camera. By the time the photographer, one of the porters, had taken several shots with every camera, we were frozen stiff. I was so pleased when we went inside for breakfast – and a lovely warm fire.


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