Travels in Nepal # 41 Quaint buildings

Scene overlooking Namche Bazar

Scene overlooking Namche Bazar

There are many astonishingly quaint buildings in the town of Namche Bazar. There seems to have been a special on blue paint at some stage! Wherever one looks there are lovely looking buildings. The town is very wealthy compared to the rest of Nepal, due mainly to the trekking, climbing and tourist trade. There was still much building work in progress while we were there. Electricity comes from a nearby hydro scheme.

Namche Bazar is not an easy town to wander around in due to the steepness of the hills on which it is built. The longest way, using the terraced paths, is usually the easiest, and often the quickest to get from one point to another. Locals, however, often seem to shun the easy routes. I guess that they are much fitter than me.


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