Travels in Nepal # 55 Elephant Ride

On arrival at the Royal Park Hotel next to Royal Chitwan National Park we were given only a few minutes to settle into our rooms before a light meal was served to us. Arriving so late – it was mid-afternoon by then – we had missed lunch.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park

We then walked a short distance to the edge of the national park for an elephant ride through the forest. I was really looking forward to this as it would safely get me into the national park without a great deal of effort. It would also give me a chance to see some of the wildlife and especially the birdlife. I had my camera primed and ready.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park

What I didn’t realise was that an elephant’s back is a very unstable platform for photography. Still, despite needing to hang on, trying to take in the scenery, look for birds and coping with the lurching of the animal underneath me, I did manage to get a few reasonable shots. The bird photos I took were sadly all out of focus or blurred from the movement of the elephant.

One species I was delighted to get a good view of was a male Indian Peafowl (more commonly called Peacocks here in Australia). This is part of its natural habitat. I also had good views of two Red Wattled Lapwings, several Black Bulbuls and a Green Bee-eater but my photos are blurred.


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