Travels in Thailand part 4 Buffalo Cart Ride

Buffalo cart ride in rural Thailand

Buffalo cart ride in rural Thailand

During my bus tour of eastern Thailand our guide had arranged for our bus to stop at a small farm. The farmer had kept several working buffaloes and we had a half hour cart ride through the rice fields on his farm. Even though there were some cushions to sit on, I found the experience very uncomfortable. The sun was hot and it was quite humid – I’d hate to be there when it was really humid during the summer. Besides, a jerking, lurching buffalo cart on farm tracks is not a good bird watching platform. I saw quite a few birds but couldn’t identify many of them.

After getting out of the cart at the end of the ride, I had very stiff legs because I am not used to sitting cross-legged for half an hour. It was very pleasant to get back into the air-conditioned bus with its moderately comfortable seats. Goodness, I’m a soft tourist!

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