Visits to the Clare Valley

Late last year we had three trips to stay with our daughter in Clare in the mid north of South Australia. Clare is in the Clare Valley, one of Australia’s premier wine producing areas. Our daughter is a teacher in the local high school.

In late November we spent a few days helping her to prepare her house for the painters to paint the whole of the inside of the house. It was like moving house without going anywhere. Many things were packed away in boxes and moved into the garage. After the painters had finished the carpet layers moved in to replace all the carpets.

Several weeks later we returned for a few days and did everything in reverse, bringing everything back into the house. All of this moving, packing and unpacking was hard work, made worse by some very hot weather.

Then drove up to Clare again for the Christmas break. Normally our daughter comes home for Christmas, but this time she wanted us to come stay with her. As part of our celebrations we travelled a little further north to Jamestown. We had a lovely Christmas lunch with my wife’s niece, sister and brother in law. It was a relaxing family get together.


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