What is inside those windows?

Windows in the Kasbah des Oudaias, Rabat, Morocco

Whenever we travel, whether that be here in Australia, or in exotic places like Spain or Morocco, I am fascinated by the amazing variety of architectural styles. In many cases I am moved to take photos – if time permits. In addition to the general style of each building, I also take an interest in the various embellishments people make to their homes or other forms of buildings.

On our visit to Rabat in Morocco we were on a guided tour through the twisted lanes and narrow streets of the Kasbah de Oudaias. This pair of windows made me stop and take a photo.

Immediately the writer in me checked in: who lived behind these windows? What was their story? What tales of love, loss or delight could they tell? I guess I’ll never know; I’ll just have to write my own story.


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