YMCA Building , Peterborough


Former YMCA Building in Peterborough, South Australia

While on a recent visit to relatives in Peterborough in the mid-north of South Australia, I took time out one sunny afternoon to take a few photos of some prominent features of the town. Over recent weeks I have been sharing these photos and writing about the various features of this once well established railway town.

One of the beautiful buildings in the main street is the YMCA Building, right next to the Town Hall which I will feature in the coming days. This building no longer serves its former use and is now an important tourist attraction for what it contains.

The following quote is an extract from the local council tourist brochure:

In the middle of the town, between the Visitor Information Centre and the Town Hall, the historic former YMCA building has sprung back to life as a museum. Downstairs houses a unique display of  MELDONFIELD Miniatures, created by Mary & Eldon Zimmermann. The must-see attraction is the original Petersburg Railway station, situated in the foyer of the main entrance, which has been rebuilt on a scale of 1:12 from the original stone, bricks and wood salvaged by Eldon.

Historic Cobb & Co coaches made by Eldon with Mary’s miniature people, also to scale with the coaches, are on display as well as the huge number of tools and plans which have been used to create these fascinating miniatures. It is truly a wonderful collection for those people who appreciate such attention to detail in miniature making and for those interested in the history of transportation.

Upstairs in this building the Peterborough Historic Group has painstakingly bought the  “single men’s” rooms back to original condition and in each of the rooms are housed artefacts associated with the history of “Petersburg to Peterborough” and the surrounding region. Set your mind wondering to how people use to live and experience a taste of a life long gone. Open daily from 9am to 4pm except Christmas.

I have seen parts of this exhibition and can thoroughly recommend a good look – both visitors and locals alike.


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