20 things to do while waiting at an airport

I would imagine that most travellers accept that there will be waiting times involved in flying to your destination. While this is true of domestic travel, it seems to be a rule that the further you fly, the more time is wasted in airports waiting for connecting flights. I haven’t travelled all that much internationally yet – something I am currently planning to change in a few months time. The few times I have travelled, along with the experiences of close family members, indicate that this is something all air travellers have to endure.

It was with a certain amount of interest then that I read a recent post on my daughter’s site. She has listed an amusingly helpful list of 20 things to do at the airport. Only a few days ago we farewelled her at our local international airport in Adelaide. She is now in Ethiopia for a semester of teaching. On her site she will regularly write about her experiences.



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