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Tri-Chandra College in Kathmandu

Trichandra College in central Kathmandu

Trichandra College in central Kathmandu

There are many run down and dilapidated buildings in Kathmandu. Many would be condemned and considered unusable and unsafe here in Australia. Developing countries like Nepal have different building codes and standards; sometimes I thought that there were no codes or standards at all.

On the other hand, there are some truly magnificent buildings in the capital of Nepal. The Tri-Chandra College is one such building, and every time I walked or drove past it I was impressed by its beauty and dominance of the skyline in that part of the city. This college is one campus of the Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu.

Bicycles in Kathmandu

One of the most obvious things you notice upon arriving in Kathmandu is the traffic. Cars and taxis and buses and trucks are in abundance everywhere. Then you notice all the motor cycles. It is not uncommon to see fifty or more motor cycles lined up waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. Down every laneway you take your life into your hands if you ignore the ubiquitous motor cycle.

Bicycle shop in Kathmandu

Bicycle shop in Kathmandu

Just as common is the ordinary bicycle. They also seem to be everywhere. Naturally, where there are plenty of bicycles and motor bikes there have to be shops selling and repairing them. In fact, such establishments seemed to outnumber the car sales and repair garages thirty or forty to one. At least, this seemed the ratio in the central parts of the city.

Travel Blogs about Australia

Readers of this travel blog may well be interested in looking at other blogs about travelling in Australia.

Australia Travel Blogs is a site featuring thousands of blogs about travelling in this wonderful country. An added bonus is the tens of thousands of photos taken by these travellers.

A Travel Blog About Australia

There are literally thousands – possibly millions – of blogs about travel. Travellers find the blog an excellent vehicle for sharing their experiences with family and friends, not to mention the world. This is what I have been doing on this blog over recent months as I share my experiences and photos taken while in Nepal last year.

Another type of travel blog would be people living and working in another country for a time. This was my daughter’s experience when she went teaching in England in 2005. Read about her time on her blog called Rose’s Prose. Someday she may find the time to complete her narrative and bring it up to date.

A similar blog is called Outback Dobbs, a blog written by an American living and working in Melbourne, Australia. This blog includes many fine photos of Australia. It’s well worth a visit.

The frustrations of travel at Easter time

Long weekends are nothing but trouble for travellers. I think this is so all over the world. I wrote yesterday that we took our daughter to the Adelaide Airport to catch her flight to Ireland with sixteen of her students. Lucky girl. Lucky to be going to Ireland that is, not lucky to have so much baggage going with her. Well, actually, it might just be a lot of fun. They seemed like a nice bunch of kids – as teenagers go.

We had no trouble getting to the airport as we had to be there quite early – before the traffic had built up. Adelaide’s traffic rarely gets into gridlock anyway, even on Easter Sunday. The start and finish of the holiday weekends can be bedlam on some roads. After leaving her at the airport we had a picnic lunch at Henley Beach in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Lovely spot. Not too crowded despite the warm spell late in the season.

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

On our way home we decided to visit the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens for afternoon tea. It is a lovely spot we’ve been to several times in the last few years. The trees would be turning to their colourful autumn hues I thought as we drove through the hills. I anticipated being able to get some great photos. Approaching the entrance gate I knew instantly that this was a mistake. Not only were the car parks full, but the entrance roads were blocked by parked cars for quite a distance.

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens in winter

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens in winter

At least we got to drive through the car park before leaving again.

The photos on this page are from previous visits, one in the summer and one in the winter.

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