A Travel Blog About Australia

There are literally thousands – possibly millions – of blogs about travel. Travellers find the blog an excellent vehicle for sharing their experiences with family and friends, not to mention the world. This is what I have been doing on this blog over recent months as I share my experiences and photos taken while in Nepal last year.

Another type of travel blog would be people living and working in another country for a time. This was my daughter’s experience when she went teaching in England in 2005. Read about her time on her blog called Rose’s Prose. Someday she may find the time to complete her narrative and bring it up to date.

A similar blog is called Outback Dobbs, a blog written by an American living and working in Melbourne, Australia. This blog includes many fine photos of Australia. It’s well worth a visit.


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  1. Trina says:

    I love reading your travel adventures. I was in Oz about 5 months back and as it usually happens to travelaholics like us, I found it difficult to stay within my budget.

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