A good place to be married

Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD

Our holiday in New South Wales

September 2007

On our visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney on our recent holiday we saw this wedding party. Parks and gardens are popular places to hold weddings in Australia and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are no exception to this. The wonderful weather for much of the year in places like Sydney make outdoor events like weddings a good choice.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney are somewhat disappointing in regards the range of plants being grown, especially when compared with other similar gardens elsewhere in the country. The range of Australian plants is particularly poor. Despite that these particular gardens are well utilized by both locals and visitors. It is a popular spot to relax, read a book in a quiet corner, go for a walk or jog, have a picnic or hold a formal event like a wedding. Many thousands of visitors use the gardens on a daily basis.


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