Keep a watch on your lunch

Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner

Our holiday in New South Wales

September 2007

Soon after arriving in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney we found a comfortable shaded seat. We quite often take our lunch with us rather than buying food. This is because we can rarely predict where we will be for meals. It gives us a flexibility that suits us.

On this occasion we had made some sandwiches and brought along some fresh fruit to have for lunch. While we were eating this Noisy Miner, one of the honeyeater family of Australian birds, decided that our lunch looked tasty. He came quite close but when we weren’t forthcoming with a handout he went to the person sitting on the next seat who was more obliging. The bird then flew directly to some nearby bushes. I suspect it had a nest there with some little ones in it.


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