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Travel around the world has become hazardous in recent years.

I thought about that sentence for a few minutes. I guess travel anywhere has been hazardous in many different eras, and nothing has really changed, except perhaps the types and nature of the threats. In 2005-06 when I travelled to Thailand I thought very little about any hazards and I had a great time. I would think twice about going there at the moment with their political problems. (Read about my experiences here.)

from Thailand I went to Nepal for a month. This was a life changing experience, but the Maoists were very active at the time. On one occasion I was confined to my hotel for 24 hours because of bombings a short distance away from my hotel in Kathmandu. It was risky but I survived. Every tourist needs to sum up the relevant risk factors relating to their travel destination and make a call. In reality, there is probably more risk in driving to my local supermarket for shopping than the risks involved in travel to most overseas countries. Far more people die in car accidents than plane crashes, for example.

I recently had my attention drawn to an Australian site which gives Australians advice when planning an overseas holiday. Aussie Travel Advice is an independent travel site especially set up to help Australians. Go and have a look here.

Ama Dablam, Nepal, 2006

Ama Dablam, Nepal, 2006


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  1. Thanks for the mention Trevor, your site is looking great. Anybody interested in sharing their travel tips/stories with us please get in touch! Cheers.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Brook,

    It didn’t appear as soon as promised – life has a habit of interrupting at times!!

    I had a series of doctor and specialist appointments this week – all well, good reports which is encouraging.

  3. Glad to hear you are ok! I’ve been laid up after surgery to remove a sea urchin spine from the joint in my big toe. All good now though. Have a great weekend.

  4. Trevor says:

    Hey Brook – that spine sounds painful. I recently had a 1cm long splinter under a finger nail and that was painful too. It went all the way in. Doctor yanked it out without a local and that was almost as painful as his comment: “Getting a splinter there was a bit silly!”

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