Buddhist Stupa in Central Kathmandu

Sometimes photography in Kathmandu can be a little frustrating. Take the example I’ve posted below. A beautiful and stunning Buddhist Stupa spoiled by all those ugly power and telephone cables strung up everywhere. In some places it was almost impossible to get a nice clear shot of a building. They do not seem to have any code about where things can go.

Mind you, I seem to remember a time not so long ago that the situation was similar here in Australia – and chaotic wiring is still the norm in too many places. There is no excuse here in Australia for that sort of thing. Without a doubt the economy in Nepal prevents such niceties as the undergrounding all utilities. With the political turmoil they were experiencing before, during and after my visit in 2006, they obviously had more important things to do than clean up the scenery for tourists with a penchant for photography. It’s all part of the charm that makes Kathmandu so fascinating.
Despite the ugly scar from all those cables, it is still a beautiful building.

Buddhist Stupa in central Kathmandu Nepal

Buddhist Stupa in central Kathmandu Nepal


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