Tailors in the streets of Kathmandu

Tailors on the streets of Kathmandu

Tailors on the streets of Kathmandu

There are many unusual sights in the streets, lanes and alleyways of Kathmandu. One that I found fascinating was the number of tailors (usually men) with their old treadle Singer sewing machines set up as street stalls. Of course there were a few specialty tailors in shops, complete with a wide range of materials to choose from and several resident tailors ready to make your suit, jacket, trousers or glamorous gown.

The street vendors, however, seemed to be waiting for the casual passers by to ask them to do some running repairs or alterations. Most that I saw were just sitting there not working. Trade must have been slow. I admire their patience.

The photo below shows the only specialty sewing machine shop I saw. Obviously the latest electronic, computerised, whizz-bang, all the bells and whistles Husqvana or Bernina sewing machines have not made it to Kathmandu. Perhaps they are far too expensive for the ordinary tailors. Of course, the old traditional treadle sewing machine is ideal for the street tailors. No electricity needed.

Royal Sewing Machine Company

Royal Sewing Machine Company


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  2. maria says:

    Dear Sr.

    Ma name is Maria Widrig. I live in Switzerland. I tray to find in internet some tailors shop, but I can not find them. I beg your help. I need some tibetan chupas and blouses. Could you please help me to get contact with a tailor shop in Kathmandu? If you just write the adress and e-mail of some tailor shops, I would very grateful to you.

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    Have a nice day,

    Maria Widrig

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