Celebrating this Travel Blog’s Milestone

A few days ago I missed a milestone in the life of this travel blog. I’ve now posted over 300 articles on this blog, most of them about places I’ve been and photographed. For new readers to this blog I invite you to dig deeply into the archives for a wealth of reading about places I’ve been, experiences I’ve had and photos of those places.

Link: Archives of Trevor’s Travels (Click here).

Of course, if you don’t want to troll through all of the archives, I’ve set up a quick way to access several themes in my writing. Click on the link to access these compilations of articles.


  • Parks and Gardens – here is a collection of articles about beautiful parks and gardens of South Australia. Each article includes beautiful photos of the parks and gardens we have visited over recent years.
  • National Parks – articles about visits to national parks in Australia, Nepal and Thailand, again with many photos.
  • Travels in Nepal – photos and descriptions of the many adventures I had in Nepal, including trekking near Mt Everest, a visit to Chitwan National Park and exploring fascinating Kathmandu.
  • Travels in Thailand – photos and descriptions of my visit to Thailand.
  • My photo gallery – hundreds of photos of places, birds, flowers, animals and much more.

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