Dining in style in Fes, Morocco

Beautiful restaurant in Fes, Morocco

On one of the days during our visit to Fes, Morocco, we had a delightful lunch in this magnificent restaurant. As stunning as it was, the most astonishing thing about it was the nondescript sign and entrance in the street outside (see photo below).

The lane outside was very plain with all the usual stalls, small shops and the always milling crowds and noise. The only indication of the restaurant’s presence was this simple sign (below). On moving through the door the restaurant opens up like an Aladdin’s magical cave, revealing a spacious, beautifully maintained and with an exotic decor in keeping with the local culture. Amazing.

The part of restaurant where we ate is seen though the doorway at the far end of the room. It was shrouded in luxurious looking carpets, drapes hung from the ceiling and low level lighting gave a truly exotic feel to the experience. And when we sat down we sank into deep, soft cushions.

As a bonus the food was wonderful. It’s just that we had so many great meals in Morocco I’ve completely forgotten what I ate that day. I didn’t even take a photo of the dish I had.

Restaurant in Fes, Morocco

Decorations inside a beautiful restaurant in Fes, Morocco


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