Exotic Destinations: Marrakesh, Morocco

On my only trip overseas I visited both Thailand and Nepal. Both were wonderful in their own ways and they were culturally overwhelming places for a first time visitor. I thoroughly enjoyed my first, and hopefully not last, foray into other countries and cultures.

My wife and I often dream of visiting some very exotic places. We love watching the several travel programmes currently shown on local television. Armchair travelling is by far the cheapest form, followed closely by vicarious adventures via books and magazines (but not expensive if borrowed from the local library).

This is where the internet can be so useful. One can instantly travel to so many exotic and wonderful destinations with no cost, no danger and no inconvenience. Mind you, it isn’t quite the same as being there, but still very enjoyable.

One blog I recently found was a wonderful site called My Marrakech. It’s about lifestyle and design in Marrakech and has some beautiful photographs to complement the writing. Well worth a visit.

Morocco is one country my wife would love to visit. Her dream is to travel by train from Marrakech to Casablanca. Sounds wonderful. Perhaps one day we will make it. I’ll just have to keep on writing so I can take her on the journey of her dreams. UPDATE: This dream came true in December 2011. I’ve written extensively of our experiences and shown many photos of our time there on this site. Check the archives.


  • Travels in Nepal – from my journal written during my trek in the Everest region, visits to Chitwan National Park and impressions of Kathmandu.
  • My Marrakech – a blog about lifestyle and design in Marrakech, Morocco, including beautiful photography.

5 Responses to “Exotic Destinations: Marrakesh, Morocco”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! I hope you and your wife make it here.:-) The train trip from Casablanca is very easy and I go every couple of weeks for my job.

    PS I used to live in Kathmandu and Thailand is one of my favorite places.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting Maryam. How we envy you having the take that train trip regularly.

  3. […] Yesterday I wrote about my wife’s dream of travelling by train from Marrakesh to Casablanca in Morocco. I thought I’d do a little virtual exploring of this wonderfully exotic destination. […]

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  5. Yes, Morocco is a beautiful country, with its ancient towns, coastal resorts and snowy peaks. This North African kingdom boasts 1,400 miles of coastline, year-round sunshine and an open invitation to tourists and investors all over the world. Morocco is a land which invites you to enjoy delightful and happy holidays, a land where nature proudly exhibits its beauty, and where the people meet you know how to greet and honor their guests. Gently touched by both the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, and a short distance from Europe through the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco offers a rich diversity of landscapes. Here you will gaze at snow-capped mountains, empty deserts and coastal plains that stretch to the horizon. Each city is a facet of an incredibly different and unique culture: Fez tipically Arab, Marrakesh completely Berber, Casablanca with European and Tangier plainly cosmopolitan.

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