Maoist Rally in Kathmandu

The polical turmoil in Nepal seems destined to continue, despite the advances made in recent weeks. This week there was a massive rally – perhaps as many as one hundred thousand people – in the capital Kathmandu. It was organised by the Maoists who have controlled large parts of rural Nepal for about a decade.

ABC News Online reports

More than 100,000 people have turned out for a mass rally by the Maoist rebel movement in Nepal.

There was a big show of force by an insurgent group, which after 10-years of ruthless violence claims to want a legitimate role as a peaceful political movement.

The Government says many people living in Maoist-controlled areas had been intimidated into attending the rally.

It is easy to be critical from afar but the resurgence of the Maoist cause does not seem to me to be the way forward for this troubled, yet beautiful, country. To say that they have a legitimate role in running the nation is hypocrisy in the extreme. It is their very actions in killing more than 13000 people over the past ten years, in addition to countless bombings, that have almost brought this country to its knees. Coupled with a ruthless and despotic king it has left the people desperate for a peaceful way forward. Bully tactics by the Maoists – and the king – have not worked. Democracy is struggling to survive against such ruthless opponents.


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