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In my last post I talked about the local channel 9 television programme “Postcards from South Australia.” Another local station, channel 7 have a similar programme called “Discover South Australia.”

Strangely, a thorough search did not turn up a web presence. Odd. Still, even though it also features many wonderful aspects of our state, it is nowhere near as good as the “Postcards” show, in my opinion. It also tends to be more lifestyle oriented than strictly directed at the local tourist industry.

An episode of “Discover” we watched several years ago did encourage us to go somewhere we might not normally have visited. We were planning a short holiday in Mt Gambier in the South East district of the state. On our way we detoured slightly to have lunch in the Mundulla Hotel. This turned out to be your typical Aussie country pub with excellent food and a lovely atmosphere. It was well worth the effort to visit.

I watched the programme again this evening. Interesting without being inspired to do anything special. You get that.


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  1. Kristi says:

    Hi Trevor. Just wanted to let you know that Discover does have an email address if you enter discover sa into the search engine it is I love both Discover and Postcards I find that Postcards don’t travel as much as Discover and seeing as I am from the Eyre Peninsula it is great to see Discover quite often over this way promoting our beautiful country and scenery.



  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for that Kristi – must check it out. It has been far too many years since our last visit to Eyre Peninsula. A few months ago we were planning a trip to the Gawler Ranges and then continuing on south but it didn’t eventuate. My wife needed an operation so that put everything on hold for the time being. Perhaps later this year?

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