Off the rails at Lithgow

Touring New South Wales

September 2007

It had been over thirty years since our last visit to Lithgow. And that continues unchanged as we drove straight through as we did at Bathurst. We really do need to have a few days – or weeks exploring this area.

From Lithgow we started climbing up in the Blue Mountains in earnest. The roads there are very steep in parts until one reaches the upper ridges. From that point we often followed the ridge tops. One little incident concerned us; a truck driver with a heavy load was stuck on a very sharp, steep corner. He was not going anywhere fast. We were able to safely sneak past carefully and allow him to get going again.

A short distance on we stopped to visit the railway station where the famous Zig-Zag Railway starts. The train came in while we were there and we were very tempted to go for a ride on the train. Next time perhaps. We found a nice spot for lunch nearby before heading on again to our next destination, Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens.

More about that tomorrow.

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, NSW

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, NSW


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