Up into the mountains

Touring New South Wales

September 2007

After leaving Cowra, albeit a little later than planned, we took the road to Bathurst. We basically drove straight through this lovely rural city, only stopping for fuel on the eastern side of town. This is the second time we have just driven through Bathurst. It is about time we spend several days exploring this interesting area.

This part of our tour takes us through the mountains for the first time. After four days of driving through very flat country it was a very pleasant change. The country is very attractive with green rolling hills in every direction. Because we didn’t stop I don’t have any photos to show you of this area. (We only stopped to refuel; posting a photo of a fuel station would inspire very few of my readers.)

After leaving Bathurst we travelled on towards Lithgow. A short distance out of town we took a side road and found a spot to have morning tea. We stopped in a lovely rural setting, not our usual picnic spot.

Near Bathurst, New South Wales

Near Bathurst, New South Wales


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