Photos of market day in Sefrou, Morocco

Farmers’ produce on sale in Sefrou, Morocco

On our visit to the village of Sefrou we were lucky to be there on market day. Sefrou is about 30km from the city of Fes. The farmers from the surrounding countryside bring in their produce and set up stalls in the streets and lane ways. It brings the town to life and the hustling crowds flock to buy their fruit, vegetables and other goodies – like the pastries shown below.

We couldn’t resist and bought some delicious bananas and mandarins.

On reflection, these markets are not so different to what we have here in Australia. Certainly, there is much variation in some of the produce for sale – no local farmers grow bananas or dates here in South Australia, for example. But they bring what they grow and local people flock to these events knowing that they are buying good quality food produced locally. It’s a growing trend here in Australia, but I’d say that in places like Sefrou it has been a tradition for many years, perhaps even centuries.

Farmers’ produce on sale in Sefrou, Morocco

Farmers’ produce on sale in Sefrou, Morocco



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  1. ian says:

    What day of the week is the market?

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