Postcards from South Australia

Local Adelaide television station, channel 9, has had a regular weekly programme called “Postcards From South Australia” showing for over ten years now. This is one of our state’s quiet achievers for all of that period. It has highlighted many hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of places unique to South Australia. Each episode focusses on a different place or aspect of life in SA. It is particularly strong on emphasising our history and rich heritage.

I received their fortnightly emailed newsletter today. An item included in it prompted me to access their website for the first time in many months. I had forgotten the extent and coverage of this site. It lists many delightful places in South Australia that are worthy of a visit. It also has text versions of the scripts used for the episodes. This is a planning resource that I have not used so far. My mistake. It would be a good starting point when planning anything from a day trip through to an extensive holiday lasting many weeks. For locals like myself the many stories on the site are a timely reminder of the hundreds of wonderful places to visit in our own state.


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