The Limestone Coast South Australia

I wonder if you are like me. I read about a place or see a television programme about a tourist destination and I want to go there. Sometimes it is because I have never been there and it looks so inviting and so beautiful or interesting.

The Limestone Coast of SE South Australia

Sometimes it is because I have been there already and the story brings back very pleasant memories. That happened this morning when I was reading the travel section of The Advertiser, the daily morning paper in South Australia. The article covered the area known here as the Limestone Coast. The south east part of South Australia is dominated by limestone, hence the name.

Great Holiday

A few years ago my wife and I had a wonderfully relaxing holiday in this part of our state. We stayed in a cabin in one of the caravan parks of the town of Robe. From our cabin we had a beautiful view out over the bay and along the beach. This beach is one of the few that you are able to drive on. It is also perfect for walking on, or just plain sitting there watching the waves gently roll in on to the sand. There are times in the lives of each one of us where one just has to sit on a beach – and do nothing – except watch the waves come in.


The birding around Robe and along the Limestone Coast is quite good too. We went for several drives along the coast south from Robe, calling in several Conservation and National Parks along the way. All of them are good birdwatching spots. There are also some good camping and picnic areas as well. Even near to the town itself there are several places for great birding.


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