Unrest in Nepal

It saddens me to hear or read about in the news of the current political turmoil in Nepal. There have been numerous protests, riots and even deaths in recent days. Country wide curfews have been put in place and these are severely damaging the economy of a country struggling to develop. The trouble is particularly damaging to the tourism industry which has been an integral part of its economy.

My Experiences in Nepal

I spent nearly four weeks in Nepal in January of this year. I was staggered by the amazing beauty of the country. Tourism has become the life blood of this emerging nation. It can ill afford such turmoil. I would dearly love to return to visit other parts of Nepal, but the current trouble discourages me from going. Other tourists must feel the same.

To read about my recent trip to Nepal, including trekking the Everest region of the Himalayas, go to the archives section of this blog.


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