Travels in Nepal #1

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

First Time out of Australia
In January 2006 I had the delight to visit Nepal. It was my first trip overseas; what a place to visit on one’s first venture out of Australia! My three weeks in Nepal included a trek from Lukla to Tengboche. This is the track one takes on the way to Mt Everest. We had good views of Everest along the way.
Over coming days and weeks I am going to give some snippets of my impressions of Nepal, the trek, the scenery and the people. It will take a few weeks because I am being selective in the photos I upload to my photo gallery.

Chaotic City
Before arriving in Nepal I had 3 days in Thailand. I thought that Thailand was a challenging enough cultural shift; Kathmandu was something else again! The chaos of the roads on the short trip from the Airport to the hotel was amazing. I was astounded that there weren’t car wrecks on every corner. Despite the turmoil, despite the poor conditions of so many people, despite the lack of many things we take for granted in Australia, this struggling little country is bravely attempting to come into the modern world.


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