Travels in Nepal #2 Kathmandu

Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

Glimpses of Chaotic Kathmandu

We had a day in Kathmandu before the trek began. This was partly for acclimatisation. At 1300 metres this was nearly the highest altitude I had ever been. There are not too many high mountains in Australia after all. And where I live is barely 50 metres above sea level, if that. That wasn’t to prove to be a problem, not like on the trek – but more of that later.

On our first day in Kathmandu we were taken on a guided tour of some of the highlights of the city, including the magnificent temple shown in the photo above. I was fascinated by the sights, the sounds and the smells of this amazing city. It was very interesting coming to terms with a totally different culture, people and the religions. Coming to a culture where a totally different religious belief system is in your face at every turn can be confronting.


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