Travels in Nepal #10 Amazing porters

One of our porters on our trek.

One of our porters on our trek.

On our trek towards Mt Everest in Nepal last January, I was constantly amazed at the abilities of the guides and the porters. The guides were always helpful and considerate, watching everyone carefully. As I struggled with some of the climbs they were always there to encourage me and help me achieve my goal.

The porters were something else. The enormous loads they carry up those steep climbs are extremely demanding. One can belittle their efforts by saying that they are extremely fit, that they do it for a living, that they are far more acclimatized than soft Aussies like me. The truth is, they are truly amazing. Loads of up to 120kg are not unknown, though the travel group we were with insist on loads not exceeding 60kg. Even this lesser load is very demanding.

The local Nepali porters are truly amazing.

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