Travels in Nepal #9 Up close and personal

On the trek in Nepal

On the trek in Nepal

On my trek from Lukla to Tengboche in the Everest region last January I was not completely prepared for the village life along the track. The walking trail takes you through the middle of most of the villages along the way. In many cases you have to walk right past the front door of the locals. One step off the track and you would be in someone’s humble house. It is experiencing life up close and very personal. There seems very little privacy for the village people.

For a first-timer overseas, everything was fascinating for me. I drank in deeply from the barrage of experiences in my face every step of the way. People preparing meals just a metre or so away. Children being bathed on the front step just a step to one side. Teenage girls washing their hair in the “main street” and men sitting on a wall discussing the news of the day. Actually, they were probably laughing about these crazy Aussies slogging their way up through the mountains, huffing and puffing every step of the steep climb.

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