Travels in Nepal #8 The Amazing Himalayas

Everest region Nepal.

Everest region Nepal.

When I went trekking into the heart of the Himalayas I was utterly amazed by the unbelievable scenery at every turn. Wherever I looked the scene was picture perfect. The camera was given a good workout. The photos featured here on my blog and in my photo gallery are just a small sample of the hundreds of photos taken.

As we trekked further up the valley towards Namche Bazar the vistas opened up more and more. One of the problems I encountered, however, was being torn between looking at the scenery and making sure of my footing. The walking tracks in this region can be very uneven, rocky and potentially ankle twisting at every step. I was pleased to survive the whole trek with nothing more than bruised toe nails and a rather nasty blister on my left heel. That was my own fault; I didn’t treat it early enough.

The solution was to take frequent breaks along the track. I would walk for three or four minutes then take a short ten second break and soak up the scenery. When the track did level out or was well made gravel surface (this didn’t happen too often) I could indulge in the luxury of taking my eyes off the path and take in more of the scenery.


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