Trekking from Lukla to Phakding part 2

Day 3: Tuesday 3rd January 2006

Birding in Nepal

Along the way I only observed three species of birds. There were House Sparrows at Lukla as well as Common Ravens all along the way. I identified Chestnut Thrush on a fence post just before we arrived at the lodge. This is another new species for me.

Yak Trains

Along the way we passed a number of yak trains. These animals were taking goods along the track. They are quite a bit smaller than I had anticipated with their heads not even coming up to my shoulder. We also passed many houses and lodges along the way as we passed through each small village on the route. The small farms near the villages grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, spinach, cabbage, silver beet, carrots and apples. Every small patch of earth is utilised to grow food. All cultivation is by hand.

Along the way I noticed a small nursery growing trees, each plastic tube holding a 5cm silver fir tree. There is no evidence to my eye of deforestation but it must be a problem keeping up with wood for heating and cooking. Tourism just adds to this pressure. The village we are staying in tonight actually has its own hydro-electric generator.

Suspension Bridges

During the walk today we crossed over two suspension bridges. One was about 30 metres long and the other was about 80 metres in length. There was plenty room to pass other people coming the other way. Passing a yak train on a bridge is not recommended, though I did get caught doing this once without any major hassle. Crossing the bridges did not cause me any hassles either. I thought I might have a problem. For me, the secret was to keep moving with the eyes firmly fixed ahead, not looking down too much.


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