Trekking from Phakding to Monjo, Nepal

Day 4: Wednesday 4th January 2006.

Phakding to Monjo

I didn’t get much sleep during the night. I was quite warm all night and didn’t need to wear my thermals. I just couldn’t get comfortable. I can’t spread out in the sleeping bag like I am used to doing in a bed. When I try to lie on my side my hips dig into the firm bed base because the mattress is virtually useless. Lying on one’s back is not much better as the mattress gives very little protection. Added to all that was the effect of altitude. This resulted in breathlessness at times.

Before breakfast we were delivered a cup of tea and a basin of hot water for washing. For breakfast we had a choice of porridge or muesli followed by toast and eggs. Another cup of tea saw us ready for the next stage of the trek.

More Suspension Bridges

Today we walked to Monjo village crossing several more suspension bridges. We generally followed the river high up on the hill side, occasionally dipping down to cross the river. Although we only gained about 200 metres in altitude today I found the going quite demanding, especially the last 500 metres or so to the lodge. This section was quite steep. I am pleased that my legs are coping very well but I have blisters on my corns on each foot. My major concern is my breathing; every breath I seem to be gasping for air. I keep reminding myself to go slowly.

School Visit

After lunch in the lodge we visited a Buddhist monastery and school. Several of the local boys joined us in a game of cricket which is very popular here in Nepal. Several of them were very good. I didn’t join in because I was very tired and I didn’t want to risk an injury. Sitting in the lovely sun was far more attractive. I took several photos of the playground with the towering snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. Imagine doing yard duty here. The only problem was getting here, and getting about, and everything is on foot. The school buildings were very basic but nicely kept. Ananta (our guide) told us that the children walk long distances from nearby villages to attend school.


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  2. surya says:

    Welcome to Nepal, paradise on the earth, the land of Mt. Everest, birthplace of Lord Buddha, land of yaks and yetis. Where time holds still and takes you to the era of the Malla Kings who have left behind a legacy & treasure of art, abundant in Kathmandu, the capital. Nepal, the land of smiling peop…

  3. I bet you had great time in Nepal. I hope you will make that trip soon.

    Cheers and Namaste

  4. I think you had great time during Nepal. Nepal is one of the best destination in the world to do travel things.

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    Really informative, sounds like you really had good time in Nepal.

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