Wittunga Botanic Gardens Part 1

Last week we had to travel to our capital city Adelaide, about an hour’s drive from home. On our way home we took a slight detour and visited the Wittunga Botanic Gardens near Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills. It had been quite a few yars since our last visit.

Wittunga Botanic Gardens

Wittunga Botanic Gardens

While this garden is set in the Adelaide Hills, it is now surrounded by suburbia, with houses on two sides, a transport corridor on another (complete with passenger trains every few minutes) and a large school on the other side. The main access is by means of a busy four lane highway. Despite being hemmed in on all sides, the park is surprisingly peaceful. The gardens have been established for many years and have been planted around existing old growth eucalypts. In the middle an artificial lake provides a beautiful water feature.

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